Housing market perks up post-election


Following the General Election result, the UK housing market has seen a lift in sentiment, according to the December 2019 RICS Residential Market Survey. Sales expectations have risen sharply, and a number of other key activity metrics have turned positive for the first time in several months.  That said, this change in activity levels is expected to lead to house … Read More

A quarter of SMEs would use cash reserves if owner died


According to Legal & General’s most recent ‘State of the Nation’ research, 25% of small-to-medium enterprise (SME) business owners would rely on their business’ cash reserves if a fellow business owner passed away unexpectedly, while 51% would use their own personal wealth. The findings also revealed that while 37% would expect to purchase the business owner’s shares in this scenario, … Read More

Martin Lewis urges homeowners to check their mortgages or risk losing out on £1000s

Cheapest Mortgage Rates

Martin Lewis says homeowners should check their mortgages now to make sure they’re not missing out on cheaper deals. Speaking in his segment on Good Morning Britain , the Money Saving Expert explained how mortgage rates are currently the best they’ve been. He said: “Longterm prediction of interest rates have dropped, and those are the ones that mortgage rates are set on. “Now … Read More

Crowdfunding the cost of healthcare

Crowdfunding Critical Illness

Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly common among people who need healthcare that’s not freely available through the NHS. The increase is said to be due to access to overseas clinics and high-profile social media campaigns such as the 2014 campaign for Mike Brandon. Websites such as justgiving.com, crowdfunder.co.uk and gofundme.com are full of campaigns from families trying to raise funds for treatments or seeking help to … Read More


Update Life Insurance

If you answered ‘phone’, we wouldn’t be surprised. After all, it has been estimated in 2022 around 53.9million people will be using smartphones in the UK, an increase of 12 million since 2015. Your phone is so important to you that you probably upgrade it regularly too, to reflect your changing needs. But, do you do the same with your … Read More

If you became critically ill and unable to work, could you cope financially?

Life Insurance Northern Ireland

Some things are more reliable than others – monthly bills, for example. Young or old, single or married, we all have financial obligations to meet each month; be it luxuries, like a satellite TV subscription or mobile phone contract, or the real essentials – like keeping a roof over your/your family’s head. But some things – like our long-term health … Read More

Reviewing your mortgage deal could save you money

Buying A Home Mortgages Belfast

It’s important to regularly review your mortgage, as it can often make sense to transfer to a new deal – or even a different lender. Your decision to transfer will of course depend on your individual circumstances, and the current rate you are paying. If your lender plans to increase its Standard Variable Rate (SVR), or already has, moving onto … Read More

Choosing the right type of cover for you and your family is Important

Insurance Cover Belfast

Act now to ensure you remain protected Making sure you and your family are financially protected should something unexpected happen is one of the most valuable things you can do and will help you avoid a financial crisis. So what type of cover is right for you? Term Insurance pays out a lump sum if you die within the agreed … Read More

Fed up Renting ?

Fed up Renting

If you rent your home, it can be frustrating to know your hard-earned cash is going into someone else’s pocket each month. If you’ve ever thought about owning your own place, the mortgage market may appear daunting. How do you choose the right deal? Which lenders should you talk to? And what on earth is a Standard Variable Rate?! Specialist … Read More

First Time Buyer & New Homes Night – Thursday 3rd October 5pm – 9pm

First Time Buyer & New Homes Night - 3 Oct 19 - A5 Flyer2

First Time Buyer & New Homes Night will take place on Thursday 3rd October from 5pm to 9pm. This is a Free Event at Mortgage First. Event will take place at: 25 Talbot Street, Belfast, BT1 2LD You will have the opportunity to talk with qualified and experienced Financial Advisors, together with experts from other local businesses including: Mortgage advisors … Read More