Mortgage Availability during the Coronavirus

mortgage coronavirus belfast

Whilst there is no doubt that many lenders are struggling to manage the operational implications caused by the Coronavirus, the availability of mortgages has to date not been impacted significantly. As such, if you are looking for a new mortgage or will require a re-mortgage in the next 6 months then please do get in touch. 

In particular, if you are looking to re-mortgage in the next 6 months, but will require a payment holiday, please do speak to us before engaging your lender, as it may influence the mortgage products available to you.

Whilst none of us know what the coming months will bring, there is a possibility that mortgage funding may become restricted. This is particularly true if you have specialist borrowing requirements such as being self-employed, have multiple income sources or have missed any payments.  Exploring options sooner rather than later may prove sensible, so do make contact.   

Many internal property inspections have been suspended or cancelled as access to peoples’ home is not possible at this time and if you have any queries with regard to this it is important that you contact us.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove today suggested that those who already have exchanged contracts should complete their moves to their new houses. 

This all makes sense as many solicitors and even removal firms are working with limited or no services due to the pandemic.